How much will a kitchen counter top cost me?

The answer depends on many factors. Send us your choice(s) of counter top material along with your counter top/cabinet layout drawing showing sizes.

(If you don't have one you can make a hand drawn plan with approx. sizes) E-mail us at OR send us a fax at 201-653-9496.

Why do some counter top companies charge so much more than others?

The difference is in the quality of product and service. You get what you pay for and the "cheaper counter top companies" may cut corners such as using mismatched remnants to save on material. They may also measure poorly, install poorly, make substitutions of material without clients prior knowledge or consent, add unnecessary seams and don't offer assistance after the sale. Always do some research and ask your questions BEFORE you give deposits or sign anything. Look for a company with a good reputation that is fully insured. Better quality always costs more and "cheaper guys" will do a poor job of it!

Are granite, marble and quartz counter tops indestructible?

No. Nothing is indestructible. But, these products are very durable and can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Quartz is non porous and has a hard durable surface. Granite is also durable but is porous, while marble is both porous and softer and will scratch, scuff and show surface wear soon after installation.

Which is the best product to use as a counter top surface?

The answer is debatable. Natural Quartzite, Quartz, Granite and Marble are all good products. However, some require almost no maintenance, while others require periodic sealing and sometimes professional refinishing. We recommend doing some research before you choose. First determine what "look" you are going for, then make your decision based on your wants and needs. 

Isn't all granite the same?

No. All granite is NOT the same. Some are very solid with little irregularities while others have countless naturally occurring inclusions, flaws, epoxy filled cracks, discolorations, etc. While such irregularities can actually make the stone very beautiful and appealing you must consider the strength of the stone before you use it in a high traffic area such as a kitchen or in your outdoor areas.

How do I maintain my counter tops?

Refer to our care and maintenance page. In cases of "quartz" follow the link on our website directly to the manufacturer to get their recommendations.