At Statewide Granite & Marble we stock hundreds of sinks for kitchens, bathrooms & bars. Our sinks and faucets rival major brand names in quality and price! High quality stainless steel under-mount sinks with a beautiful brushed finish, under coated and padded, Rated SGS-CSA products backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Buy your sink here, combine it with your stone purchase to receive a 20% discount on any sink or faucet.

Contact us for stock availability. 



Like most everything else YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Good quality sealants and cleaners cost more and are sure to perform better. 

Special note: we will not recommend any thick paint like sealants such as "Duraloc" as this does not allow the stone to breathe, trapping in moisture, toxins, bacteria, etc.

DuPont Stone Tech Professional "Heavy Duty" Sealer

A highly effective water based quality sealant for any natural stone. Interior or exterior use. Available in quarts. Notice: we do not recommend any thick paint like sealant such as "Duraloc" which does not allow the stone to breath and can trap in moisture!

DuPont Stone Tech Professional "KlenzAll" Cleaner

A professional grade stone cleaner safe for all natural stone and man made quartz surfaces. Available in 24 fl oz spray bottles.

DuPont Stone Tech Professional "Heavy Duty" Sealer

An easy to use water based quality sealant for any natural stone designed with regard to color enrichment for interior use. Available in quarts. Notice: we do not recommend any thick paint like sealant such as "Duraloc" which does not allow the stone to breath and can trap in moisture!

DuPont Stone Tech Professional "Impregnator Pro"

A highly effective solvent based sealant when you need maximum protection. Good for any natural stone. For interior or exterior use. Available in pints and quarts. Notice : we do not recommend any thick paint like sealant such as "Duraloc" which does not allow the stone to breath and can trap in moisture!



Transform your outdoor entertaining  from ordinary to SPECTACULAR!Your back yard can be better looking than you ever dreamed possible with the luxury of granite countertops! Granite will withstand the elements and last a lifetime adding beauty and value to your property. Your guests will surely be impressed! Build your structure and we will do the rest. For more information call (201)-653-1700 send us your plans for a quote.


We custom make saddles, sills and shelves of all shapes and sizes for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, walk in closets or anywhere you might need.

Come in with the colors you'd like to match or bring in a piece of your tile and we'll match up the perfect stone to your project. Many colors to choose from. With our vast inventory of slab pieces to chose from we always have the right color for your project. Give us the measurements and we'll custom make the sizes you need. Contact us for details.


Our experience in fireplace making is unmatched in the business. Design and function is our goal when working with you to create a gorgeous work of art. Pick from one of our designs or give us a photo of what you're looking for to create your own custom design to get just the right look for you. We love what we do and it shows in the quality of our product! 



We can do a variety of enhancements to your office, restaurant, shops, and healthcare facilities. Firms we've worked for include: Calvin Klein, General Electric, Lucent Technologies, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Cosi Restaurants, Citibank, Abbot laboratories, Lord & Taylor and countless bars, restaurants, business offices.

In any business creating the right "image" is important! Clients will be impressed when they see the stone and how professional your company looks and feels. The return on your investment will be significant! Natural stone is a perfect fit for commercial areas where you need beauty, durability and low maintenance! Over the years we've done countertops in restaurants, nail and beauty salons, dental and medical offices, corporate offices, cafeterias, manufacturing facilities, yachts and banquet halls. 

MONEY WELL SPENT. Why do business's invest so much in the way of office furniture and design elements? Clients and visitors are dazzled by the beauty of stone countertops giving more credibility to your company or business. Also to boost productivity! You can increase productivity by the environment you provide to you employees. We'll help you get the most out of your business with gorgeous stone tops. For those appreciate good quality and beauty.