Owned and operated by the same Italian-American family since it’s inception in 1988.

Statewide Granite & Marble is a respected leader in the Stone Counter top Industry with a reputation of customer satisfaction and high quality. You can expect a smooth and enjoyable process with absolutely no surprises. Our track record speaks for itself. Superior quality, quick turn around, thousands of color's and styles to choose from. 

There's too much at stake...

Counter top's cost big money, spend it wisely. Don't buy cheap counter tops riddled with defects, made poorly, installed incorrectly.

For example; You might spend $2,800 on a poorly done counter top and need to replace it almost immediately... that's equal to throwing away $2,800 ! Buy the same size counter top's that's well made for maybe only 10% to 20% more, and you'll NEVER need to replace it. 

QUALITY counts again! 

Our economy went bad, people started buying cheap and many are now suffering from "buyers remorse". Our V.P. Linda Coviello states...

"Consumer's are tired of being lied to, tricked into buying things of poor quality, with low, low advertised prices. Most people are willing to buy something better feeling secure in knowing that what they bought will last and be a testament to their good taste."

What do we all really want?

Peace of mind, happiness, security? Yes, all of these! You also want your granite counter tops to be made correctly and installed properly! So before you choose a company to do your counter tops, ask yourself the question... "will this company give me what I really want, a good value? That's where we come in. We deliver a beautiful product, on time, no issues, no problems and no false promises.